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04 Feb '22
What factors affect your dining experience when you eat beef? The longer we raise beef, the more we have come to understand almost everything we do affects the final meat quality.  

Because of this, we are implementing major changes to almost everything we do here on Rabun Ranch to improve your dining experience. Some of the changes started years ago, such as moving our operations to Burke County. We knew we would be able to grow better forage for our cattle to positively affect their health and the flavor of the meats we produce at this new location. 

We also learned that beef grazed on a “Salad Bar” pasture taste much better than when they are raised on a monocultural pasture that most cattle are raised on in our area. We are now mapping our plan for the new farm to have in its pastures many species of annuals and perennial forages. Not only will this help the cattle, but it will also be more efficient in moving carbon into the soil. A goal at Rabun Ranch is to become carbon negative, not just neutral.  

Handling of cattle also affects your dining experience. Another reason we moved to our current location is we are less than three minutes away from our excellent meat processor. This short trip significantly reduces the stress our cattle experience. Additionally, we just made a significant investment in a new cattle handling facility to reduce stress on the cattle as we work or load them for transport. 

We also are planning on making some big changes to our boxes. Australian styled beef pies are going to be added, along with other pre-cooked items. If you have any baked beef-based dishes you might want, please let us know! 

Enough for now, but we will be updating you soon with more exciting changes soon. 

- Rabun Ranch